I need help guys.

Hi everyone, I am so sorry for not comin on since July of last year. But as you all know I had GBS and I have lost over 140 lbs. I have got a lot going on my plate with medical problems and it is making it really hard for me to stay on track with everything. I am having seizures, so if I am alone I cant go for walks as much as I would lilike to and I cant hardly convince my husband to go with me. So I am stuck cleaning the house like crazy (I got OCD) and then I try to do these exercize videos that IBought one is the biggest loser and the other one is palates. I enjoy them both but seems like something is always bothering me. I got bad arthritis now worse then before and then I have a lot of heart problems, thankfully I get to see a new doc for that. I am having low sugar levels even tho I eat the required amounts of what I am supposed to have. and so with themĀ being in the 30’s and 40’s I now got to make sure I have 5 grams more of sugar per meal and on top of that I have to try and eat every two hours and I still have not gotten that down yet. I am having a VERY hard time with it. I was having HIGH sugars for a few years and then last month (Jan) iit started dipping, and then it got worse. So I dont know what I should do about any of this, I need motivation badĀ and I cant get it from people who I see on a daily basis like my husband or any one in my family. They are happy to see the weight go down but dont really give a sludge if I am having to eat certain things, kinda like if I am visiting my mom and everyone, if I dont eat what they got I go hungry so what choice do I got? and at home, my husband works at a pizza place and is always wanting that because he is a pizza freak. So he brings one home and I have a very hard time not having it. I have other things that are better for me at home, but you know how hard it is when you have to fix something different when there is something already made that got brought into the house? Can any one help me please. I feel guilty enough for having this surgery and I am hoping no one on this site holds it against me.

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  1. NANA @ February 23rd, 2012

    We all have to make the decision on what is best for us and it’s not up to the rest of us to judge what the other is doing. Hang in there on the food choices, sorry your family doesn’t support you more but you’ll get support on here. Just a suggestion, when you’re wanting to eat that pizza, blog instead. give you something to do besides cave in. Good luck and hope you get those sugar levels straightened out, that’s scary.

  2. somemansdream @ February 23rd, 2012

    It sounds like your facing a lot of challenges. Make a plan and tweak it until it is something workable.
    Foods or sweets are hard to face down when people dont have a clue.
    Good luck!

  3. tinkerbehlle @ February 24th, 2012

    thank u both. it is very hard on me and my husband was so supportive when i had the surgery and now its like he dnt care but we found out he has parathyroid and needs surgery so he will have more energy and will lose wt too so im hopin that will help us both on exercisin and wt loss but my luck is it wnt

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