I need help guys.

Hi everyone, I am so sorry for not comin on since July of last year. But as you all know I had GBS and I have lost over 140 lbs. I have got a lot going on my plate with medical problems and it is making it really hard for me to stay on track with everything. I am having seizures, so if I am alone I cant go for walks as much as I would lilike to and I cant hardly convince my husband to go with me. So I am stuck cleaning the house like crazy (I got OCD) and then I try to do these exercize videos that IBought one is the biggest loser and the other one is palates. I enjoy them both but seems like something is always bothering me. I got bad arthritis now worse then before and then I have a lot of heart problems, thankfully I get to see a new doc for that. I am having low sugar levels even tho I eat the required amounts of what I am supposed to have. and so with them being in the 30’s and 40’s I now got to make sure I have 5 grams more of sugar per meal and on top of that I have to try and eat every two hours and I still have not gotten that down yet. I am having a VERY hard time with it. I was having HIGH sugars for a few years and then last month (Jan) iit started dipping, and then it got worse. So I dont know what I should do about any of this, I need motivation bad and I cant get it from people who I see on a daily basis like my husband or any one in my family. They are happy to see the weight go down but dont really give a sludge if I am having to eat certain things, kinda like if I am visiting my mom and everyone, if I dont eat what they got I go hungry so what choice do I got? and at home, my husband works at a pizza place and is always wanting that because he is a pizza freak. So he brings one home and I have a very hard time not having it. I have other things that are better for me at home, but you know how hard it is when you have to fix something different when there is something already made that got brought into the house? Can any one help me please. I feel guilty enough for having this surgery and I am hoping no one on this site holds it against me.

Sorry everyone

Hi everyone, sorry I havent been on in a long time, my laptop broke lol plus this last month I had gastric bypass and I have been feeling guilty on coming on here and joining things again since I feel like I had taken the easy way out of things.

Runnin on low

Hmmm….. Okay today I had several appts and one in which was with a Cardiologist, the same Cardiologist that I saw several times last year and avoided seeing this year but didnt work lol. He is one of them Doctors that look at the fact that I am 23, way over weight and that I have a list of medical problems including heart problems. His major concern with me is that IF I do not do something about this weight and soon I may end up either being burried way before my time or I am going to be in and out of the hospital and may end up in a wheel chair. Which okay I know I am way over weight I have been all of my life which he knows, I have been seeing a dietition for over a year which I mentioned, but some how I just cannot find it in myself to get up and out the door and do things I know is going to help me lose weight and help my health. I had to take my Husband and my ma because they both wanted to see what he was going to say and they both got an ear full. So okay my husband is trying to make an effort with me which I am super glad only because he is part of my inspiration along with Gwen on here, and I dont know what is happening to my modivation or anything I just wanna give up and let whatever happens happen. Gah I have been trying so hard and nothing seems to work and it is about to drive me crazy

My Goal!?!

I am 23 years old and I can never have enough patience to stick to diets. there are several reasons why I need to work harder to reach my goal. I need to drop the whole caffine. carbination and sugars, those are sure my favorite, but I need the motivation on getting a good diet and actually sticking to it, anyone have any advice, I also have PCOS which makes women gain and lose weight but for me it causes me weight gain and thin hair.

I Need Some Motivation!?!

I everyone. Hope you all are doin well. I got back on here today to check things out, need to start getting on here regularly. I NEED some serious motivation. I dont know what has been going on but havent been “Feeling Up To It” Every time I think I need to drink more water, I go to the fridge open the door and what do you know the next thing I know is I am on the couch with a soda. I need to get back on track with everything…. weight, watching what and how much I eat, need to make sure I drink lots and lots of water. I got to make sure I exersize. I just need some motivation….. HELP

Getting Back on Track!

Hey everyone. Hope everyones summer is going good. Well I got married on the 12th of June to a wonderful man and now that we are I kinda have more time to focus on my diet and exersize and I need a lil help getting back on track with everything. I have got a lil off of track since time got closer to the wedding. I was more focused on that then myself, which I know I shouldnt have done lol. But I am ready for some motivation and some disipline for myself. So far I am trying to get off this soda kick that I have been on, trying to get off the sweets which isnt working very well and need to get back on portion sizes again. If you can help me even in the slightest please please please do. Thank you all

Removes Stretch Marks

Hi Everyone I am getting married in June this year, I have a wonderful dress to wear. I need to know how I can remove stretch marks, I have them on my arms and such and I REALLY need ppl to give me ideas to help get rid of them or at least make them less noticeable. PLEASE help me. Ive been trying the coco butter and it doesnt seem to be helping any.

Me and My Fiances Challenge.

I have been seeing a Dietition for almost 2 yrs now. My Fiance LOVES to cook for me and I feel so compelled not to hurt his feelings on the amout he proceeds to give me. The Dietition requested him to meet with her also. He got weighed just the same as I do. Which is a neat way of weighin ppl. Now that he knows why I HAVE to lose a lot of weight and he needs to also he wants to make it into a challenge to see who loses as much weight every time we go in to see her. I dont know how to try to lose weight to were it can stay off. I was down to 260ish and now back up again. I have been eating a lot more of course but have recently downsized a lot. Need some healthy food ideas for me and my fiance to try.

Low Carb Diets.

HI everyone. I know I have been posting things for different diets. My Pulinologist and Gynocologist both want me to try this Low Carb Diet. I am not real sure on what I am supposed to eat and what I am not. If anyone who knows please let me know. I am not well informed on this diet. The gynocologist wants me to try it to help lose weight due to my PCOS. and the pulminologist for my asthma. I REALLY need the help on this one so the more posts I get the better I may do at this. Thanks.

need some exersize ideas

Hell0. Okay let me tell ya all before you can help me I am amost 23 years of age, I live in AZ at a part where it snows fairly well during the winter and I have VERY bad asthma. I am lookin for some people who can help me figure out some exersize ideas that I can do while I am alone at home or something I can do at any time. I live near a lake that I have walked to and not too far from my church which I have also walked to, now it is winter and I havent been walking hardly at all due to the cold and the snow, then my fiance goes to work and I have a lot of free time to do things but I havent really found a good exersize thing that I can do that will hold up my motivation. I was going to a physical theropy place to work out but that was getting expensive so I havent been doing that in a few months since I had my second surgery this year. If there is any one out there that has ideas that you think I can do that isnt going to cost too much or that isnt going to cause a fluctuation of my asthma please be sure to let me know I am willin to try anything at this point.

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